Rogue Princess


Audrey Estok, a Philadelphia native, attended the Maryland Institute College of Art, where she majored in illustration with a concentration in book arts. With a strong community of artists and like-minded people, she has chosen to make Baltimore home. 

Her art defies simple categorization; the graphic but dynamic illustrations inspire curiosity. Her art stands apart from any singular moment or movement. Her illustrations explore the interactions of different colors, pushing what colors work together in unexpected ways. 

Audrey achieves a timeless quality in her work through a variety of references that span across periods, giving each piece a distinct, enigmatic air that is striking and novel but nevertheless familiar and delightful. Her work is bold and daring, demanding the viewer to engage with the depth of the work, but also delicate enough to invite intimacy, calling attention to the soft flush of the subject’s cheeks, the light that catches in the eyes of a portrait, the sheen of raindrops resting in hair. 

Audrey’s art has been featured on several book covers and in a number of publications, including the Baltimore City Paper, Contingent Magazine, Forbes, Swoon Reads, Sony Music, Bloomsbury, and PosterSpy. She is also involved in the community, working with local musicians, nonprofits and restaurants to create advertising and fundraising materials. Raised in a family of chefs, Audrey loves the culinary arts as well as visual arts and specializes in food illustration.

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